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Keeping you warm all winter long. Rocky Mountain Heating & Cooling provides a comprehensive range of professional heating solutions in Bozeman, Montana and the surrounding area. Our technicians have been repairing furnaces in Gallatin Valley for years  and we continue to raise the bar in terms of service standards and  customer satisfaction. 

Heating services

Heating Diagnosis / Repair


 - Full Breakdown
- Estimate Given for Repair/Replace
- Diagnosis Fee Goes Toward Final Service  

If there's a problem with your Furnace, Air conditioning, Boiler, really anything mechanical we can figure it out. Give us a call today.

Furnace/ Boiler Inspection


- Full Breakdown

- Detailed Summary Report
- FREE Air Filter Replacement (For Furnaces)

Full inspection is where we check from the thermostat all the way down to inspecting the gas pressure. We check the startup sequence to see if everything running per manufacturers spec.

Furnace/Boiler Check


 -Check Startup Sequence
- Results Discussed Verbally 

- Estimate Given for Repair/Replace 

We check the startup sequence to see if everything running per manufacturers spec. We also check the airflow and filter. Then we will tell you what need to be done (if any) to keep your heating unit running.

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Our family-owned business focuses on dependability and up front information to provide you a better customer experience.

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We are your friendly neighbor who can offer all our experience and info to you to help you make the best decision.  


Detailed Heating Service Info

Inspection - Full Tune-Up - Diagnosis/Repair

Heating Check  - 30 min - Have  one of our expert technicians evaluate the basics of your heating system to give you piece of mind. Our Technicians will go over the  evaluation with you so you know how your heating system is operating.

 Heating Inspection - TOP SERVICE - 90 min  - Heating systems are no different than other pieces of equipment where  regular tune-ups will help the life span of the unit. Our technicians  will fully evaluate your heating system and give you a detailed report  about its condition. PLUS we always include a FREE air filter / air cleaner replacement with each job.  This is not a cheap paper air filter either, but rather a top grade air  cleaner to help your HVAC system perform proper air filtration. Our top  grade air cleaners cost anywhere from $60 to $100 depending on the size  of your system. 

Heating Diagnosis / Repair - Time varies  - Simple fact of life: mechanical equipment will at some point fail. Every job is different and prices vary, but we'll immediately get you scheduled for one of our Techs to come out, diagnosis the problem and provide you a recommended solution. 

Regardless  of the temperature outside, our goal is to keep your home and/or  business perfectly comfortable. Our 24-hour emergency service is  available to our residential and commercial clients to make sure you’re  not caught uncomfortable.

Bozeman / Belgrade Gas Furnace Full Tune-up Report

Bozeman / Belgrade Gas Furnace Full Tune-up Report

New Furnace / Bioler Installations


Give us the specs and we'll quote you the final price for parts and installation


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