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Keeping you cool all summer long. Rocky Mountain Heating & Cooling  provides a comprehensive range of professional cooling solutions in  Bozeman, Montana and the surrounding area. Our technicians have been repairing / servicing air conditioners in Gallatin Valley for years  and we continue to  raise the bar in terms of service standards and customer satisfaction.  

Cooling Services



Full inspection is where we check from the thermostat all the way down to inspecting the gas pressure. We check the startup sequence to see if everything running per manufacturers spec. We also check the airflow and filter. Then we will discuss with you & in a detailed summery report about how your furnace is running printed or emailed, about what needs to be done to keep your furnace running smoothly & efficiently.


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- Air Flow Checked

- Temperature Split Check
- Refrigerant Pressure Tested
- Diagnosis's Discussed & Quoted Before Repair

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Our family-owned business focuses on dependability and up front information to provide you a better customer experience. 

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You deserve a home and workspace that is always the right temperature. Not only can a new cooling system supply cool comfort during the hot sticky months of summer, modern air conditioning units offer significant energy savings. Our team of professionals will work with you to maximize comfort and minimize cost. We won’t rest until you can work and relax at the ideal temperature.